Industry Uniform Services & Products

Whether your employees work in HVAC, manufacturing, sales, outside in the sun or are positioned front of the house, we have their uniform needs covered.

Service Uniform has everything you need to dress your staff accordingly and comfortably, while still maintaining a professional image.

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Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ II shirts and pants boast permanent softness, moisture management, stain release, color protection and durability. Improve your image, employee morale, safety and productivity all with one simple uniform solution.

Mat Rental

Custom Logo Mats

Our professionally maintained mats reduce tracked in dirt by 80%, saving over $600 in maintenance costs for every pound of dirt stopped. Service Uniform offers a variety of commercial matting from custom logo mats to safety and anti-fatigue mats.


Image of Towels

Towel service is designed to save you time and money, with no upfront investment, no disposal, no purchasing time, and it saves inventory space. These towels are made specifically for wiping purposes so they are strong and absorbent.



We provide other convenient services to keep your facility clean, such as hand soap, air fresheners, dust mops, and fender covers.

Hiring a new employee? With Service Uniform, the transition couldn’t be smoother.