Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

enhanced visibility uniforms

As your employees go throughout their day-to-day, their uniforms might not seem like a serious matter. But in reality, their daily tasks might not be as safe as you think. Jobs that involve outdoor work or the need to be seen for safety purposes (such as around vehicles and heavy equipment) can put your employees at risk if they are not properly seen.

At Service Uniform, we help you keep your employees safer with our enhanced visibility uniform rental program, which means that you don’t need to worry about the maintenance of your uniforms. We take care of them for you!

Enhanced Visibility Uniforms – Features

Our enhanced visibility garments are available with both long or short sleeves and are available in either grey and orange or navy and yellow. The bright colors on the uniforms make it easier for your employees to be seen.

All of our enhanced visibility shirts feature lined collars with sewn-in stays, a button-front closure, and two button-through, hex-style pockets with a pencil stall on the left chest pocket.

Each shirt is made up of 4.25 oz. poplin, and is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

At Service Uniform, we use state-of-the-art TouchTex technology that helps your uniforms retain color, release soil, and wick away moisture!

Disclaimer: Our enhanced visibility uniforms are not in compliance with ANSI 107-2004 or ANSI 107-2010.

How We Keep Track of Your Uniforms

Our special Blue Chip System uses advanced RFID tracking so that you never need to worry about where your uniforms are in the laundering process and whether they will be delivered with or without inaccuracies. Each garment in our program has a microchip sewn in to keep track of it from the moment we pick it up to when we deliver it right back to you after laundering.

We care about the success of your business – that’s why we provide enhanced visibility uniforms to make your employees feel safer and your business look greater. To learn more about our programs, simply dial 210-226-2233 or fill out our online contact form!