15 June, 2017 | Service Area in TX

Why Working for a Family Business is Great for Recent Grads

Entering the workforce comes with a slew of important decisions to be made. When looking for

a place to start the next chapter of your career, it’s essential to consider what kind of company

you want to work for in terms of size, values, and future advancement options. For many recent

graduates, working for a family business like Service Uniform can provide a better transition

into the workforce for these reasons:


Many family-run businesses are smaller in size than the corporate competition, which means

the employees are more likely to receive more specialized attention from supervisors and trainers.

Plus, a smaller workforce means better opportunities for advancement within the company.

With this smaller size also comes a unique sense of camaraderie. A small team where each

employee knows the other’s names will be very tight-knit and can offer more of a support

system than some larger businesses.


Because family businesses are so small, they tend to prioritize the long-term over the short-

term. This means that new hires are viewed as long-term investments for the good of the

company. If you’re looking for a place to start a permanent or stable career, a family business

could provide the ideal setting to work your way up the management ladder. Worldwide, about

80 percent of companies are family-owned, and these companies make up the largest

proportion of long-term employment opportunities. This means that even if you are starting at

an entry-level position, you likely won’t find yourself there for long.


Because of the close personal relationships, specialized professional attention, and long-term

opportunities, small businesses can provide a more enriching work environment that makes

your job feel less like a job and more like an integral part of your life. Working for a family

business can help you feel more invested in your work and, consequently, happier with your job


No matter which field you hope to go into, there are many benefits to working for a family


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