01 November, 2018 | Facility Services

5 Places in Your Business That Need a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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In a very recent study conducted in Spain, scientists have found a significant drop in the number of missed school days for children who used hand sanitizer. 

In fact, it found hand sanitizer use more effective in cutting back sick days for these children compared to those who used traditional handwashing without hand sanitizer aid. If the regular use of sanitizers can have this much of a beneficial effect on children – with relatively weaker immune systems than adults – imagine what it can do for your company employees and their productivity!

The chief problem with hand sanitizer use, however, is not simply a matter of whether there is a hand sanitizer dispenser in your building: it’s about whether there are enough and whether they are in the right location.

Most people just are not conditioned to think about how dirty their hands are – although they do know that their hands contain harmful, disease-carrying pathogens that they can pass along at every turn. That is why picking the location for a hand sanitizer dispenser in your business is not just about convenience. More importantly, these are places where people need a reminder of how filthy their hands are and that they need to reapply hand sanitizers.

5 Places in Your Business That Need a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The basic principle in spotting these locations is the amount of foot traffic a certain area gets. A place that gets a higher volume of foot traffic is presumably filled with buttons and doorknobs and surfaces that a lot of people have touched with their hands, ergo, a hotbed for bacterial transfer. And we’ve located several of these spaces in your business:

1. Restrooms

This is very much a given, what with an abundance of moisture, free-floating fecal matter from flushing with the lid up, and an endless exchange of touch on knobs and handles. The best place for a hand sanitizer dispenser in a restroom is right by the door. This helps eliminate whatever pathogens users may have picked up from the door upon exit.

2. Entrances and Exits

Any entrance and exit that has a door or a button should have a hand sanitizer dispenser nearby. Everybody knows just how dirty door handles can get. This should also apply to elevator doors. The buttons get too much love from too many hands throughout the course of a day. It is only logical that users get the opportunity to clean up their hands before and after handling the buttons.

3. Dining Areas

Dining areas are not only where people put their hands in their mouths, but they’re also one of those places where people converge in groups and touch things all the time. Whether or not there are washbasins in place, a hand sanitizer dispenser at an accessible location is a good supplementary hand hygiene tool.

4. Meeting Rooms

Heavy foot traffic and endless exchanges of items and hands make meeting rooms a perfect location for hand sanitizer dispensers.

5. Other Common Areas

The counter space in lobbies, cashier kiosks and other similar spaces get touched by countless hands throughout the day. While you cannot expect the attendants to clean these surfaces round the clock, you can always promote hand hygiene with a strategically-placed hand sanitizer dispenser.  

When it comes to hand hygiene, location is only one part of the whole equation. Get the best protection for the employees, clients, and visitors of your business with hand sanitizer dispensers from Service Uniform!

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