24 January, 2023 | Uniforms

Best Industrial Uniform Colors to Wear

When it comes to commercial uniforms, color choice plays a defining role. It can make the difference between drowning in a crowd of competitors and positive brand awareness. But what role does color choice play in industrial uniforms? Do colors matter when there are hardly any customer-facing roles involved? What are the best industrial uniform colors to wear?

Why the Color of Industrial Uniforms Matter

As with every aspect of industrial uniform design, color plays a crucial functional role. For employees that work around large machinery and moving equipment, the right color means protection. Bright, neon hues are their first line of defense, signaling equipment operators of their presence. 

For employees that work around staining components (i.e., automotive repair, manufacturing, painting), darker colors are easier to keep clean. They do not stain as easily compared to whites and other light-colored garments. They also allow room for stains without completely ruining the uniforms. Additionally, they make sure that the stains do not get too hidden that one cannot tell whether or not the garments are clean. The color of industrial uniforms also allows for easy identification of work assignments or department designation.

These Are the Best Industrial Uniform Colors to Wear

Which colors are best for industrial uniforms, anyway? Here are some of them:

  • Blue/Navy. Darker colors like blue or navy are ideal for workers who work with liquids or other materials that could stain.
  • Orange or Yellow. Orange or yellow are ideal for employees that need visibility but where the facility is well-lit (or operates in the daytime when outdoors).  
  • Red. Red is mostly used for employees that play critical roles in the facility. They signal extra alertness and can easily be singled out from the crowd.
  • Neon/High-Vis. High-visibility uniforms are the kind of uniforms that can be distinguishable even in low light and they light up when hit by a light source. These are common in logistics, construction, and manufacturing facilities. They are also essential for employees working in traffic, rescue, and most everyone working the night shift outdoors.

The Magic of Proper Maintenance for Industrial Uniforms

Uniform laundry service plays a more crucial role than cleanliness when it comes to industrial uniforms. This is because industrial uniforms are worn not simply to look good. Each segment of an industrial uniform bears a functional, specific, and even lifesaving purpose. A pocket is never just a pocket. A flap is never just a flap. In industrial uniforms, nothing can be missing or out of place. The smallest button can mean the difference between life or serious injury.

Therein lies the importance of industrial uniform service. Uniforms need to be properly and expertly maintained to preserve their most important qualities. This includes keeping the colors vibrant and even.

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