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How Uniform Rental Beats Ownership

Uniform Rental

Should you rent or buy your company’s uniforms? This list of reasons why uniform rental is better might just have you running to the phone to call a uniform rental service provider today!

Here’s how uniform rental beats uniform ownership:

Lower Overhead Costs

It sounds counterintuitive when you’re looking to save money, but renting is actually the best option for lowering uniform-related overhead costs. For one, you don’t have to shell out large amounts of cash to bulk-purchase enough uniforms for every member of your facility. In short, you won’t have to worry about new uniforms putting a strain on your company’s uniform budget.

Second, renting saves you from the cost of maintenance. Running a fully functional laundry facility to maintain your uniforms includes costs on equipment, employees, and utilities, not to mention stress on the management.

Finally, renting your uniforms means freedom from the burden of uniform replacement and/or repairs. These costs and services are covered by the rental contract. This means that the most cost your rental service will incur will be nothing more than that of the service. With the right uniform service expert, this translates to long-term savings.

Less Hassle

Additionally, the biggest draw that rental has over owning uniforms is convenience. When there is no maintenance, laundering, or complicated inventory necessary, any business can fully and truly focus on the things that matter most without the distraction of uniform care.

For businesses where employees get to take their uniforms home for self-maintenance, uniform rental also allows them that same freedom. They won’t have to spend their days off washing a week’s worth of uniforms.

Better Maintenance Results

The only way owning uniforms can match up to the quality of laundering and care that professional uniform rental services can provide for your uniforms is if you have the same caliber of equipment and the same range and depth of laundry expertise within your own facility. Every part of the service is precise. This brings out the best results for the garments.

The Right Way to Get Better Uniform Rentals

Perhaps the biggest drawback to renting is that in order to gain these aforementioned benefits, you need to find the right uniform service provider. Your provider has to give you the consistency, quality, and ease of doing business that you need.

You’ll need a uniform rental service provider that:

  • Has state-of-the-art garment care facilities
  • Has rich industry experience in the care and maintenance of commercial uniforms
  • Earned a reputation of excellence, quality, and reliability
  • Is run by people who are dedicated to customer satisfaction 
  • Offers only high-quality garments from reputable brands
  • Also understands the value of good uniforms and the impact they have on your brand and business

Therefore, you’ll need the uniform rental services of Service Uniform! Service Uniform is the experienced expert in all things uniforms – hitting all the marks, meeting expectations, and exceeding standards. It’s the only name you should trust for your business’s uniform needs!

Explore the Benefits of Uniform Rental with Service Uniform

Above all else, we’re here to serve your business. Contact Service Uniform at (210) 226-2233 to get started, speak with a rep, or to learn more about our uniform services.


September 11, 2020 | Uniform Rental