23 January, 2017 | Service Area in TX

How the Cowboys’ Uniforms Reflect the Brand

At work, your customer experience begins with your uniforms. They are a complete reflection of both your business and your brand. Giving your business the consistently sharp look it deserves boosts morale and productivity among employees in the same manner that a sharp-looking brand draws more allure than an unkempt one. Don’t believe me? Let’s examine how one of the most iconic National Football League brands, the Dallas Cowboys, create allure with their uniforms.

The Brand of the Cowboys

 6captureOne way to make sure your brand is here to stay is to stay consistent. For example, the only addition to the Cowboys’ solid blue star in its 56 year history is a white border added in 1964 to create a 3D effect. The logo is representative of “The Lone Star State” and is a motif of peace and serenity. The blue color represents the calm, composed approach of the team as well as its extraordinary sportsmanship, excellence, and grace. Not changing their single star logo is a sign to Cowboy nation that the team still holds these values today. The Cowboy’s iconic blue and white uniforms have changed little over the years, typically only changing color schemes and logo placements. Such a refined and simple style has made the Cowboys a recognizable brand.

7captureThe Cowboys didn’t simply land on the NFL scene with a solid brand, however. Until the team’s inception in the 1960’s, there was no professional football in Texas. Even then, the team suffered 56 losses in its first six seasons. How does a team go from this kind of start to winning five Superbowl Championships and being named ‘America’s Team?’ In a word—fearlessness. By embracing innovation and striving for excellence, the Cowboys are now the most valuable franchise in the NFL with an approximate value just over $4 billion.

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A lasting brand is the staple of a successful company. Oftentimes, your customers get their first sense of your brand through your uniforms. Consistency and professionalism are two factors that can take any brand from small-time to big-time and create staying power within a market. Let us help you stay true to your brand and improve your image with a customizable uniform service tailored to your every need.

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