06 February, 2017 | Service Area in TX

7 Valentine’s Crafts for the Whole Family

Because we are a local family-owned business, Service Uniform® believes in the importance of spending time together has on a family. Here are some fun, DIY crafts your family can create together this Valentine’s Day. Maybe one of yours will wind up being the hit of Show-and-Tell at school.

  1. DIY Valentine’s Day crayonsCrayon

There are a variety of different ways to make crayons. Pick a few colors that your kids enjoy and make a neat, safe treat for them to hand out at school.

  1. Pom-Pom Valentine’s Day monsters

All it takes is a little yarn, a couple googly eyes, some pipe cleaners and creativity to make a tiny terror your kids can add to their Valentine’s Day cards for school. They don’t necessarily have to be pink either. Mix and match colors to create unique gifts for your child’s friends.

  1. Heart wind chimes

You’ll need colored beads, a heart-shaped silicon treat tray, ribbon or string, a hot glue gun, and a few sticks to make these. Use your oven to melt the beads in the silicon tray for about 20 minutes, and let cool. Use the hot glue gun to attach each heart to the string. Finally, tie multiple strings on each stick and hang outside.

  1. Log candle holders

If you have an outdoorsy family, or a couple of kids that are good with hand tools, this is a fun project. Take a couple of dry logs and clean the bark off. Use a saw to flatten each end so it will stand and sand smooth. Use a drill bit the same size as your candle to make a hole in the top. Once the candle fits, it’s time to paint.

  1. Custom pattern Valentine’s Day heart frames

Whether they’re at the school dance or with your family at home, Valentine’s Day always involves taking plenty of pictures. This year, make your friends some custom, heart-shaped picture frames so they can show off the love that went into each shot.

  1. Paint strip cards

If your children are artsy, let them draw pictures or designs on different hues to create unique cards their friends will remember. Try to get ones with the names of the colors on them. They may discover a new favorite color this way.

  1. paper airplane valentinesLove note airplanes

This is a fun craft for children young and old. Give your love notes a life this year and send your sentiments soaring. Click here to download the PDF instructions.

Family traditions are often created when families spend wholesome time together. As the third generation of our family’s laundry business, both Barry and David understand the commitment it takes to build a strong family unit.  Hopefully, these ideas will help your family grow closer and build more long-lasting memories.

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