10 February, 2017 | Service Area in TX

How We Guarantee Quality in Your Uniform Service

Every business wants to deliver superior service, but few can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee like Service Uniform® can. Here are just a few of the ways we guarantee our customers receive quality service every time.

blue chip systemBlue Chip System

Using RFID technology, our Blue Chip System® uses two computer aided sorts that put the right garments on the right routes, all in perfect order. All garments are accounted for once they enter the building and are inspected for any slight or major damage. Our customer requested repairs are loaded directly into our Blue Chip System® and a work order is generated immediately. This technology can scan up to 2000 garments a minute, so there’s no way for us to get behind on customer orders.

Outstanding customer service

Service Uniform® strives to maintain a level of excellence that is far above industry standards. In order to do this, we have to offer the strongest guarantees in the industry. If we somehow don’t meet your expectations, our customer service representatives are trained and equipped with all the tools to make it right.

Customizable uniform rentalslogo customized uniforms

We offer this service to ensure our services enhance the image of our customers. Unlike other uniform service companies that force you to conform to their product selection, Service Uniform® offers a customizable uniform rental service to fit your specific brand. This includes using your logo for emblems, custom matting designs, and much more.

One-stop-shop approach

Whether your employees work in HVAC, sales, or are positioned front of house, Service Uniform® has their uniform needs covered. We offer apparel, mat rentals, towels, and soap and air freshener services to keep your employees looking fresh and your facility looking clean.

Not only do we expect our employees to go above and beyond customer expectations, Service Uniform® provides them the technology to accomplish this goal 100% of the time. Service Uniform is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations, and we travel over 6,200 miles a week all over Texas to prove so.

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