25 October, 2019 | Uniforms

How to Update Your Employee Uniforms


Keeping your employee uniforms fresh and updated is important. Not only do new uniforms improve employee comfort, morale, and safety, but their presentation reflects well upon your company.

Knowing when, as well as the best way to update your employees’ uniforms, can make a big difference in customer and employee satisfaction. 

Let’s explore why you should update your uniforms, and how to most effectively do it.

Why Update at All?

Let’s say that you’ve run your business for years without any issues. As long as your employees get the job done and customers are happy, why change anything? Why mess with success? 

Unfortunately, the success of yesterday is not always the success of tomorrow. Here’s what an updated uniform can do for your business and its employees: 

1. Modernize the Company’s Image

Even the biggest companies undergo image shifts. Fast food joints of the 90’s are not the fast food establishments you know today. Gone are the plush seats, plastic playgrounds, and maroon-striped shirts. Now there is svelte seating and tables, safety and sanitation, and cooler hues. 

Essentially, these restaurants are keeping up with contemporary styles. As a result, nobody can say they are unaware of the world outside their doors, or uncaring of the aesthetic preferences of their customers. 

While your business may not be fast food, the same principles apply. Or, at least, they’re there to take advantage of. Pushing the image of your company in a direction that embraces the preferences of the clients you serve could be the difference between a sale or a pass. 

Image represents values. If that image is outdated, then the relevance of your mission is questionable. A willingness to revise company image is a willingness to revise practices or to adapt to the market and better serve clients. 

2. Improve Employee Efficiency and Confidence

Employees want to feel like they’re contributing to an effective and productive system that betters the lives of others or the world in some way. Regardless of what service or product your company offers, workers want to be on a team that gets the job done. A well-designed and comfortable uniform will help foster this team-player mindset. 

A uniform that instills confidence in a mission also makes doing the job easier and more natural. 

Most people enjoy keeping their work and personal life separate, and that requires leaving part of themselves at the door when the shift starts. 

Much like how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman after donning the suit, a good uniform can help employees transition into the mindset needed to get the job done. But, this only works if the uniform is neat and ready when the job starts.

Life can be hectic, and your employees’ lives are no exception. Sometimes it catches up with them and they show up to work wearing a stained, wrinkled, or damaged uniform. Unless you have an extra uniform fitted for them, they’re stuck representing your company disheveled and unready. 

Luckily, there’s a way to not only continuously update your employee uniforms, but ensure they are always clean, neat, and ready to represent your business. 

Service Uniform is Here to Help

By hiring a qualified, accredited, and time-tested uniform rental service to take care of your uniform needs, you’ll never have to wonder if your company is representing itself as well as it should, or if your employees will be ready and looking good. 
Service Uniform is ready to help you put the worry of proper company representation behind you. Call us today at 210-226-2233 to learn more about our uniform programs and ensure company confidence no matter what the future holds

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