18 November, 2019 | Uniforms

3 Ways Uniforms Boost Employee Morale

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Did you know that your choice of work uniforms can boost your employees’ morale?

One of the qualities of work uniforms that isn’t normally discussed is their effect on employee performance. Uniforms have a bigger impact on your business than just professional appearance, particularly when looking at employee productivity.

If you think your work uniforms are strictly for utilitarian and appearance functions, think again. 

Here are three ways uniforms influence employee morale:

1. Well-designed and work-appropriate uniforms motivate employees.

Job-related horror stories abound on the internet, and ridiculous work uniforms are a major topic. It also pops up as a favorite topic in employee discussion boards, where you can see how poor design choices negatively impact employees. 

The truth of the matter is that no one loves going into work everyday. When your employees are feeling tired or unmotivated, you want to create a work environment that’s professional yet welcoming.

A well-designed uniform is not simply one that puts your brand and marketing needs front and center; it also considers your employees. A proper uniform takes into account the importance of comfort and appropriateness. In other words, your employees should not find it difficult or discouraging to put their uniforms on for every shift.

2. Uniforms create a sense of belonging within the organization. 

The same way that uniforms symbolize teamwork in a team sport, work uniforms have the same effect on employees. In an environment where collaborative work is essential for success, a sense of belonging will make your employees work harder towards the goals of the group instead of working for themselves and their own intentions.  

Uniforms are a common thread between your employees. They bring them together as a reminder that they are working towards the same goals. 

3. Uniforms legitimize the role they play in the organization.

Uniforms don’t just signify being part of a group. They also make the roles of your employees official. The uniform becomes a tangible reminder of their official designation, not merely so clients can recognize them easily. 

For example, a manager’s uniform doesn’t just show everyone who the manager is. It can make the manager feel official and more confident in their position as a leader. 

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