13 December, 2019 | Uniforms

Industries that Need Enhanced Visibility Clothing

enhanced visibility clothing

As its name implies, enhanced visibility clothing is specialized safety apparel designed to increase its wearer’s visibility. As such, these garments are especially necessary for employees who work the night shift outdoors and those that work around moving vehicles and equipment.

These garments come in different forms and designs, as well as different levels of visibility to match different working situations. 

Here are some industries that benefit from the use of enhanced visibility clothing:


Those who work on the runway need the additional visibility throughout the day and especially at night. With high-powered machinery and aircraft close by, these workers need to be safe and seen at all times.


Construction workers require enhanced visibility clothing when they work on the roads. Cars speed by, and drivers need to see when there are people working. This is especially important during night shifts. 


Workers in warehouse and logistics companies work around moving equipment and can be concealed by large items. Enhanced visibility clothing helps them stand out in their work environment.

Traffic and Transportation

Any job where workers are surrounded by industrial machinery, vehicles, or other high-powered items needs enhanced visibility clothing. Enhanced visibility clothing is especially important for flaggers.   

Emergency Services

Emergency service workers need to wear enhanced visibility clothing when directing oncoming traffic after an accident. This helps reduce confusion and keeps drivers safe on the road.


Workers in electric companies need enhanced visibility clothing when operating or working around large vehicles and equipment.


Security personnel need some form of enhanced visibility clothing so they can easily be spotted amongst crowds. This helps distinguish them from everyone else.

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There is a whole range of sub-categories that fall under the general category of “enhanced visibility clothing,” and some types are more appropriate for certain working conditions than others. To check for availability, compliance, and suitability to your industry/job, consult with Service Uniform today!

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