01 March, 2018 | Uniform Rental

What to Do if Employees Hate Your Uniforms

what to do if employees hate your uniforms

While there is a significant connection between the use of company uniforms and employee satisfaction, some workers still find it hard to warm up to the idea.

In certain workplaces, uniforms mean safety (i.e. for firemen, in construction work) or are an across-the-board necessity in the industry (i.e. for flight attendants). On the other hand, in other industries, uniforms are an option instead.

How exactly do you convince your employees who adamantly hate wearing your company’s uniforms that wearing uniforms is a good idea? We have some tips.

What to Do If Employees Hate Your Uniforms

1. Make sure the cost is not too much of a burden to them.

Should you decide to make your employees pay for their uniforms, make sure it does not take too much off their paycheck. Otherwise, they’ll resent you for it.

2. Pick comfortable and durable materials.

No one likes wearing uniforms that get in the way of their work. Not only is it annoying for your employees; it also causes them to be less productive – which, of course, is bad news for your business! Therefore, if you don’t have a uniform in place yet or are looking to make a change, pick uniforms with garments like Red Kap’s Touch Tex™ shirts and pants that are comfortable to wear no matter how long the shifts are, and are made with excellent moisture wicking capacities, so the fabric wears and feels well even in the hottest of Texas summers.

3. Keep the uniforms consistent across all levels.

One of the most common concerns many employees have against uniforms is that it creates a distinction between higher positions and regular employees, or between managers and juniors. While it may be necessary or at least beneficial to your company to make uniform distinctions between positions, make sure that these are minimal and do not seem to favor one over the other. Keep the design consistent and practical across all positions. Afterall, the main point of many uniforms is to create an appearance and sense of belonging to a single unit.

4. Be vocal about the benefits of wearing employee uniforms.

There are countless benefits to company uniforms – among which are an improved sense of unity at work, equality amongst employees, and never having to worry about what to wear to work. But more than that, a better bargaining deal may be improved customer perception and the possibility of better sales that result from a more positive reception from customers.

5. Save them the burden of laundry.

One of the biggest concerns workers have about uniforms is having to launder them. Save them from this burden by working with a value-added uniform rental service that will clean, iron, and repair company uniforms. You are not only giving your employees a break from the added chore – you are also ensuring that each uniform is accounted for and cleaned more thoroughly than any domestic washing could ever achieve.

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