20 April, 2021 | Floor Mats

Dust Control Benefits With Service Uniform’s Professional Mat Service

Dust control benefits to every business that implements it are substantial. Keeping a busy business impressively clean is never easy, especially for businesses with a smaller workforce and/or have no dedicated janitorial team to take care of cleanups. A full day of work may bring in the dollars, but it will also bring in dust, dirt, water, and other debris.

Keeping up with that can be a challenge. For one, you have floors that you need to clean before and after every shift, making sure they are always at their best and cleanest for when the customers come in. Floors take up the majority of your business space after all, and they are among the first things that customers see when they come in. Therefore, the pressure is high right from the get-go.

Dust Control Benefits More Than The Floors

On top of having to keep your floors clean, there is also the need to clean and maintain your cleaning tools. Mats have to be washed, and mop heads and cleaning towels need to be washed and dried. At some point, sooner if they are low quality, they also have to be replaced.

When you have too much work, you have little time to do anything else. A little help with your dust control can go a long way. When it comes to dust control, Service Uniform is your certified, reliable expert!

What You Can Expect

Service Uniform is not just your local commercial uniform specialist. Our expertise is holistic and includes high-quality dust control services as well. We edge out our competitors in three main categories:

Product Quality

Slips, trips, and falls cause nearly 700 fatalities per year and many more injuries in the workplace. You need quality dust control tools to combat this.

At Service Uniform, we apply the same strict and high standards in selecting our dust control products as we do our commercial uniforms. The durability, flexibility, and effectiveness of dust control products are essential in many ways. For one, they decide the outcome of your cleaning process. Better mops clean better; better mats protect against tracked-in dirt better. 

This leads to the second reason why product quality is important. Better cleaning products that bring better results save you from slaving away on your floors. This gives your team more time and energy to focus on other tasks. With better, more durable cleaning products, you can also expect fewer delays due to not having to replace the products. That’s getting the most bang out of your buck.

Cost Control

One of the biggest and most palpable benefits of having Service Uniform help you out with your dust control needs rests in cost control. With weekly mop and mat deliveries, scheduled professional maintenance, and product replacements, you save time and energy. You can also better control the cost when you don’t have to pay extra to get your floor mats and mops cleaned on the weekend or having to buy your mop heads and towels in bulk. More importantly, the quality of products that Service Uniform provides is significantly higher than what you’d get for a much higher retail price.

Customer Support

Service Uniform is known for outstanding customer service. We are always there for our clients, no matter how big or small your account is. The same remains true for our dust control service. We make sure to get back to you promptly, address your concerns and needs effectively, and that your needs are met. Whether it’s an emergency replacement or a volume adjustment, Service Uniform’s support lines are open and ready to help.

Ready to Experience Quality Dust Control?

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