25 March, 2021 | Uniform Rental

Spring Safety for Texas Businesses with Service Uniform

Springtime in Texas includes more than just pleasant, warm weather and blooming flowers! Is your business equipped to take on spring and all its challenges?

Your Business’s Biggest Challenges in Spring

From more rain to dust, your business is looking at a whole slew of obstacles. Here are some of them:

  • Rain. Rainfall in Texas peaks in the spring and winter. As a result, you have to deal with an extended period of wetness between these two seasons. Rain almost always brings muddy, slippery floors that are not only dirty but also dangerous.
  • Dust. Dust storms are most frequent in the periods between February and May. Coupled with springtime bloom that increases pollen, you’re looking at endless rows of dusty shelves.
  • Seasonal Illness. There’s more to spring than just allergies! Spring also brings seasonal illnesses, some of which are highly contagious. Your business should prepare for an increase in common colds, gastroenteritis, strep infections, and the flu.
  • Warm Weather. Everybody enjoys warm weather, especially after a particularly brutal winter. With temperatures steadily rising, springtime can get uncomfortably warm as it leads up to summer. High temperatures in the workplace can impact employee wellbeing and productivity.

As challenging as this season is for your business, tools are available to make them less threatening. Texas is home to a reliable service provider that can help you deal with all that spring brings. Service Uniform is that reputable partner!

We have the solutions you need to get through this season triumphantly:

Upgrade Your Uniforms

Dressing up for warmer weather at work is made easy with our uniform selections! Service Uniform is your go-to provider for a wide range of commercial and industrial uniforms in Texas. We offer high-quality polos, shirts, and pants to complete your business’s springtime look. Additionally, with our top-notch garment service, you can always trust that your uniforms are easily accessible and constantly clean.

High-Quality Floor Mats

Service Uniform offers a wide range of top-notch floor mats that help you keep up with your springtime issues. Our floor mat selections range from basic entrance logo mats to more aggressive scrape and flow mats. They can help you deal with anything from mud to heavy dust. With Service Uniform’s professional mat service, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance and supply stability.

Towels for All Surfaces

Dusty surfaces mean nothing when you have the right dust control tools. Service Uniform is your one-stop-shop for all your cleaning essentials, beginning with high-quality towels for all surfaces. We have a range of towels to choose from, suitable for different surfaces in your facility. Because we are champions of efficiency, you’ll never have to worry about the availability of your towels or their maintenance.

Hand Hygiene

Keeping germs at bay is so much easier with a little help from Service Uniform! We offer a continuous supply of hand hygiene products to help boost hygiene in your facility. We also offer the supply and installation of appropriate dispensers. This way, you can decide where and how many hand hygiene stations you need for your facility. Complete protection in a totally convenient way? We’ve got it all and more at Service Uniform!

Service Uniform Helps Make Your Business Spring-Ready!

Get your facility spring-ready with Service Uniform! Contact us at (210) 226-2233 to start service, or to learn more about what we offer. 

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