06 March, 2017   |   Service Area in TX

Hey, Chip! Following Chip Through Service Uniform

Hey there! Chip here. Today, I want to take some time to further explain Service Uniform’s Blue Chip System®. As your Chief Chip Coordinator, it’s my job to make sure all of Service Uniform’s® customers fully understand the wealth of benefits our compa...

10 February, 2017   |   Customized Uniform

How We Guarantee Quality in Your Uniform Service

Every business wants to deliver superior service, but few can offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee like Service Uniform® can. Here are just a few of the ways we guarantee our customers receive quality service every time. Blue Chip System Using RFID technology,...

23 January, 2017   |   Service Area in TX

How the Cowboys’ Uniforms Reflect the Brand

At work, your customer experience begins with your uniforms. They are a complete reflection of both your business and your brand. Giving your business the consistently sharp look it deserves boosts morale and productivity among employees in the same manner tha...

02 January, 2017   |   Service Area in TX

The Top 3 Services Your Business will Always Need

No matter industry your business is a part of, we can all agree time is money. In order to make the most of their time, businesses typically rely on the productivity and efficiency of employees to keep profit margins high. A strong work ethic and dedicated sta...

14 December, 2016   |   Service Area in TX

What an Impression Means to Your Business

Running a small business is a tough job. Finding ways to increase both the visibility and reputation of your brand should be a main concern. Letting Service Uniform help you get the right branded apparel can do wonders for your brand recognition. A recent stud...

05 December, 2016   |   Service Area in TX

Tour Service Uniform and Experience the Difference

One of the biggest pains for many businesses is keeping track of employee uniforms. Between employees taking them home, misplacing them and the cleaning service damaging or losing the garments, many businesses spend thousands of unneeded dollars each year repl...

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