18 February, 2020   |   Uniforms

Meet Service Uniform’s New Device for Account Managers: TEK

Service Uniform champions the use of highly innovative tools to help us deliver better, more efficient services to our clients. One of these tools is our new TEK Device. This device is for your account manager, and it acts as an all-around assistant for all th...

13 December, 2019   |   Uniforms

Industries that Need Enhanced Visibility Clothing

As its name implies, enhanced visibility clothing is specialized safety apparel designed to increase its wearer’s visibility. As such, these garments are especially necessary for employees who work the night shift outdoors and those that work around moving v...

18 November, 2019   |   Uniforms

3 Ways Uniforms Boost Employee Morale

Did you know that your choice of work uniforms can boost your employees’ morale? One of the qualities of work uniforms that isn’t normally discussed is their effect on employee performance. Uniforms have a bigger impact on your business than just professio...

25 October, 2019   |   Uniforms

How to Update Your Employee Uniforms

Keeping your employee uniforms fresh and updated is important. Not only do new uniforms improve employee comfort, morale, and safety, but their presentation reflects well upon your company....

02 October, 2018   |   Service Area in TX

The Top 7 Fire Hazards in the Workplace

As an employer, it’s in your best interest to reduce any chance of a workplace fire. For one, you want to keep your employees safe, but you also need to protect your property from damage and your business from the possibility of a lawsuit....

03 April, 2018   |   Uniforms

The History of Industrial Uniforms

Governments and industrial corporations across the globe have long mandated the use of industry-specific uniforms for their employees....

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